Jeremy J. Quinn


Member of Rise Industries

Man With a Digital Camera

Single Channel Videotape/
Digital slideshow of 1000 .jpg stills
Silent, Color.

With a nod to the Soviet Constructivist experiments with montage, especially Dziga Vertov's Man with a Movie Camera, this video takes footage of a man capturing digital stills of an off-screen tourist attraction and allows it to be edited in real time by computer software. The 1000 stills from the original video are played back in random order - creating snippets of motion and violent spurts of super-fast edits.
The man is in an environment defined by its own postcard image - trying to legitimize his experience of that place by his reconstruction of the postcard through his camera. Our vantage point of his now erratic and non-linear movements raises questions about perception of space and our interaction with it - changing again and again his pursuit of just the right image.